Holidays and Vacations

Little Foot is a year-round program running from September through August. Click here for a breakdown of national/state holidays, and vacation for the school year.

Monthly Schedule

We make the most of the city by taking field trips. They may include holiday specific outings to the local pumpkin patch or seasonal trips to the beach. Other field trips include the Insect Discovery Lab, the Children's Creativity Museum, Glen Park Canyon, the Randall Museum, the Aquarium by the Bay, the Exploratorium, the Academy of Science, the San Francisco Zoo, and local playgrounds near the school. To see a sample of a monthly schedule, please click on the link below.

Daily Schedule

8:00am Arrivals and Activities
9:00am Outdoor Play
9:30am Clean Up and Snack Time
10:00am Circle Time
10:30am Art Time and Outdoor Play
11:30am Lunch
1:00pm Nap Time
3:00pm Afternoon Snack* and Outdoor Play
4:15pm Indoor Activities
4:40pm Cleanup and Goodbyes
4:45pm School Closes

For a more detailed Daily Schedule click here.

*Snacks include organic fruits, vegetables, and cereals. We're happy to accomodate food allergies.